This series of images is a simple beginning of a personal pursuance of fresh, new skills. It always seems that in the most impossible of situations, indescribable and inspiring opportunities present themselves; such opportunities have allowed me to realize the more conceptual work I’d been doing over the past two months,  and photographing a dear friend of mine was my first foray into both turning the lens on and styling someone other than myself.

It only seemed fitting to begin with one of the most iconic themes in fashion, the little black dress. For those more adventure-seeking and reckless than our proper counterparts, these two cool kid LBD’s are the real deal, especially those equipped with skater or trumpet silhouettes.
That being said, I must admit that I struggled before putting this post up, because I felt undue pressure to only have perfect images. Coming to grips with the fact that everyone began somewhere, and that this was my beginning, so to speak, was quite the creatively liberating experience. This mindset allows for increased ferocity in motivation, and creates an environment suited to the building of self-confidence.
I cannot begin to thank my mom and all my friends who’ve been supporting and rooting for me since day 1, and I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the original work that’ll be appearing regularly on the site from here on out!

Model: Alexandra Lewis

Look 1: Forever 21 dress, Avalon Exchange silver stars earcuff       /       /      Look 2: Avalon Exchange Looney Las Vegas dress & double dangle diamante earring

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