After much (MUCH) procrastination, some choice shots from the Carnegie Mellon University Lunar Gala show in February earlier this year are up for light perusal. 

This was a first real effort in runway photography and editing, with inspiration stemming from work by  some of the latest and greatest digital visual powerhouses. After a stint on the board of the previous year’s show, I found it impossible to take in the artistry of the the clothing between rewiring LED connections that failed last minute and keeping track of all pieces before, during, and after each presentation. After this year’s production, I was exceptionally thrilled I’d gone through the trouble of running around the stage for three+ hours to capture these designers’ visionary creations. 
An exhibition of stimulation and saturation. The information high you crave.

True to description, a few of the lines at VESTIGE left a rather indelible mark on the mind due to expert craftsmanship and a steady cohesive message throughout. From the genius use of rubber bands and rivets in Miriam Buchwald’s In Tension to create some seriously covetable pieces to the saccharine dreamland that is Chanda Patel and Emmy Hacker’s Cakery, this show was brimming with true invention and captivating design aesthetics.

Indeed, the long-lasting persistence of my newfound adulation for sand-colored attire and my raging  desire for a winter jacket exactly like the one pictured below were birthed of this particular show; factor in my desire to only capture (what I consider to be) the highlights of this year’s Lunar Gala and the largely successful experimental pieces manufactured by the talent.
Furthermore, I’ve been considering the “runway edit” for its ability to condense show highlights into easily digestible information for the double-tap world we live in, and have come to find that it’s also a magnificent way to compare and contrast personally attractive elements between lines and individual pieces. 

Exoskeleton by Alicia Iott & Katherine Zhao

Bound by Noa Wolff-Fineout

Dressed to Kill by Jolyn Sandford & Andrea Gershuny

Cakery  by Chanda Patel & Emmy Hacker

In Tension by Miriam Buchwald 

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