As with almost any new creative endeavor, there comes with it the fear that one’s skill set is not developed enough or broad enough to bring a project together exactly as it has been imagined. Luckily, in addition to a three (three!) model accessory shoot, there was also the joy of working with some of the most wildly capable artists that I know. With a shared vision and true teamwork, I was feeling very much empowered to put my insecurities behind me and get down to business.
Peacocks (or, rather, peacocking) was a concept I didn’t think about much until Suzy Menkes’ incendiary 2013 article that drew a whole lot of responses in defense of sartorial excess. Since then, one could say that the blog and my personal style have grown a bit, and indeed, I notice that as my appetite for elaborate photoshoots grows, my personal style leans toward a more neutral palette and basic, practical silhouettes. 

Accessories have risen to the occasion when called upon to become frequent statement pieces for many an ensemble, and highlighting them in a creative manner was a no-brainer, especially with such a beautiful, colorful, and obvious theme running through the pieces. To do justice to the beauty of these items, we had to step up the makeup game; between Mel’s colorful designs and Alex’s steady hand and his hawk’s eye for design, Ben, Maya, and Rieko ended up looking as vibrant as the stuff of dreams.  
Indeed, I can say that I am genuinely proud of this project; from the perfect coordination, constant communication, and combined talent of every single member of the team (the truest of artists) to the presentation, I genuinely believe we all went a little further to make these images possible.

Peacocking, perhaps, but not without something to flaunt.  

Benjamin Reyes / / Maya Bingham / / Rieko Copeland
Alex Walker / / Mel Arnieri 
Creative Direction / Styling / Photography
Khadijat Yussuff
Earcuff:  eBay

Earrings:  Shoedazzle

Necklace:  eBay

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