There is a freedom specific to not worrying about perfection, to putting aside the need to impress in favor of the desire to experiment. That feeling is perfectly embodied in this series of images, he result of shrugging at $0.50 gel lights at Creative Reuse and grabbing two. Not one for complacency, it was rather challenging to try out another photographic technique, perhaps a form of portraiture that wasn’t so hard-edged and literal.

Enter motion blur, et voilà!
Pearls have always filled me with  sense of wonderment; how common they might be in nature, yet how valued in society, both fiscally and culturally. Indeed, this test shoot aimed to focus on the jewelry, with everything else as secondary. It wasn’t until halfway through edits did I comprehend the allure of pearls: they are individually luminous, opalescent, and beautiful, yet go with everything (as evidenced by its high rank in the Fashion Classics department). These, I think, are qualities essential to being the best person one can be, the secret to understanding that facilitating teamwork cannot dull one’s own individual shine. 

Speaking of, I am very grateful to homegirl K Millz for agreeing to have her face caked in white paint and stiff as a board for a significant amount of time. Now a revenant personality on this site, Kaelin’s innate grace really brought this concept(and, frankly, the entire process) to life, giving these shots an emotional depth that I’d heretofore left unexplored.
Gone are the days of agonizing over every imperfection, and hello to always brimming with passion and trying new things.

Model // Kaelin Miller
Make-Up // Alex Walker
Styling/Photography/Editing // Khadijat Yussuff

Earcuff, Faux Fur Coat //  eBay
Necklacc // GoJane
Bracelet // Avalon Exchange

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