P U N K D A Z ETweed

Perhaps the first look one visualizes upon hearing the term “punk” is not tweed; after all, The Ramones don’t have an album cover sporting their slightly askew tweed jackets. At the peak of midsummer in 2015, I set out to find quality fall jacket staples, and returned home determined to make tweed “cool.” No, we’re not talking your English professor’s elbow-patched, dirt-colored blazer with spots of white chalk, or  the Scots’ familial patterned kilts with matching stoles and crests. Bold, saturated color paired with both pieces’ impeccable tailoring could only be matched by an attitude as loud as the insouciant in-your-face-ness the punk movement has become iconic for. Fitting, though, was the amount of grit this photoshoot took to pull off.
It was the first time I’d committed to every single detail, and so began the hours laboring over intricate nail art for the first time, as well as handpainting parts of the mask and modifying biker gloves. Even then, plans change at the eleventh hour, and all my dreams of glamour in dirty streets were not to be; Mel, Clarissa, and myself, all happy and energetic people, were drawn to all the wrong locations to find such grit. Instead, we frolicked through overgrown fields and basked in half-shade and half-sun, and hastily tucked away any rogue nipples searching for freedom. I’m very proud of this photoseries, from composition to photo quality, and am extremely grateful to the team involved in making this concept a reality. 
Tweed Jackets, Pink Trousers / / Goodwill
Blue Jumpsuit / / eBay

Models / / Clarissa Grigsby, Khadijat Yussuff
Photography / / Melissa Horn, Khadijat Yussuff
Makeup & Styling / /  Khadijat Yussuff (assisted by Melissa Horn, Susanna Seltzer)

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