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styling & photography
// Khadijat Yussuff
Practice makes better.
That’s been my modus operandi since January,
and I’m very blessed to have enough stamina and
clothes to capture as many stylish moments as possible. This time around, I wanted to work with the limited window of time nature provides from bud to bloom, before vibrant pigments make way again for shamrock hues. Pennsylvania, true to its name, is lush with greenery, awash with diverse horticulture. And after getting seasonal allergies under control, Rachel and I headed out into the woods on Easter Sunday; she to frolic, while I fumbled with zoom lenses and white balance settings.

I have by no means achieved bona fide mastery of any one craft as of yet, but I do take great joy in learning new things, in testing techniques that are novel to my personal repertoire. This day, I was intent on switching up my angles; while the images are nowhere as dramatic as I’d imagined they might be, the settings, colorfully striped attire, and Rachel’s levelheaded, down-to-earth personality worked together to give this small project a unique feel.

Better, too, that the sun was out in full force, allowing two eco-conscious friends to appreciate each other in the womb of Nature.

LOOK 1: Tommy Hilfiger dress via Goodwill / / LOOK 2: Skirt & top via Goodwill / / LOOK 3: UNIF Acid jumper, overalls via Avalon Exchange

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