Young Blood

Y O U N G    B L O O D


photography // Khadijat Yussuff

styling // Nai Cherry

designer // Angel Muktan

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know that in the past couple of weeks, I’ve decided to take up refuge in the neon-drenched, sweat-dampened city that is my hometown of New York. 
After almost a decade away, one’s perspective is necessarily altered: I’m suddenly privy to both the wonderment and adulation with which newcomers look upon the famed city, while being ever-aware of the grit and unsavoriness the less glamorous side of this place has to offer.
I was over-the-moon excited when SCAD graduate Angel Muktan, whose designs I’d discovered browsing the VFiles platform, agreed to allow me to work with a few pieces from his BFA Senior Graduate Thesis Collection, entitled “Teenage Bedroom,” 
Originally hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, Muktan graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design in June 2016. 
Since then, the highly detailed, whimsical, and culturally pertinent coming-of-age narrative in his work has caught the attention of Fucking Young! and Fashion Glossary UK, among others. 

It made sense, then, to interpret Muktan’s designs in the context of romantic Times Square. Featuring two hardened citydwellers – and friends – on the cusp between adolescence and and adulthood, this editorial focuses on capturing both the softness and playfulness of childhood, as well as the heavy contrast of the real world.
Working with menswear, especially at night, was new territory for me, and I’m thrilled that Conan and Omiyo (with the ever-present guidance of our team stylist and main homie, Nai) were constantly suggesting new ideas and having a blast all the while. Special thanks to everyone involved in making this editorial come to life, and I hope you guys enjoy the final result as much as we do!

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