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Following the results of this year’s presidential election, it seems that much of the nation sits in a united state of anxiety. With many groups and individuals fearing for their futures and well-being (myself included), it became important to be reminded, in the midst of the pit of hate and bigotry we have fallen into, what really makes this nation great; freedom to not only pursue dreams, but also to thrive, and truly live.
Coming across Sharena Chindavong’s email in response to a sloppy Craigslist ad for models was a jolt of electricity. From her icon-worthy brows to her warrior-like cheekbones, I knew there was no way I could pass up an opportunity to lens this superbabe. After about a month, we met up in New York’s famed Rockefeller Plaza, and created some of my favorite images to date.
This Laotian-Thai blogger/vlogger/model/jewelry designer/recent graduate is the apotheosis of the millennials slashie culture; most impressive to me, other than her absolute charm (yes folks, she is just as sugar sweet as she looks in real life), is the ease and joy with which she recounted her diversified endeavors. When I asked her how she got into vlogging, she lit up like the Rock’s Norway Spruce on Christmas Eve, explaining that she’d been inspired by the adorable romance of a popular (tragically, now-separated) YouTube vlogger couple.
Such driving power emanating from the belief in true romance and alert, ambitious women like Sharena are the reason I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that women and people of color, and the disenfranchised from all nations and all walks of life who take up residency in this country will persevere, and come out stronger and more united than ever. We may not have our first lady POTUS yet, but the future is still posolutely female.

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