Sensuality:A Short Film


// Clair Chin & Jetaime Pizarro

photo & video // Khadijat Yussuff

When I packed my suitcase for last year’s 2-week trip to NYFW in February, I was struggling with a question regarding my queer identity: how did I define sensuality when I also identify as a demi-panromantic asexual? I had just exited a dangerous situationship with a man who fought me for his “right” to see me as a “woman,” and as a projection of his sexual desires – neither of which I agree or am comfortable with. How could one define their charisma and humanity outside the context of sexual attraction? So, I decided to set out and ask two other NYC arstists, who are also queer femmes of color: what does sensuality mean to you?
Starring Clair Chin and Jetaime Pizarro, this short film and photo series explores different facets of sensuality, and what that might look like. Capturing these beautiful souls in their private, sacred spaces in various states of undress and comfort, it’s now become apparent that the answer to last year’s query lies in the process of discovery and definition, and that sensuality, while. Just as each of Clair and Jetaime’s images appeal to different ranges of emotions while they both hold nearly identical views on private vs shared sensuality, so too do different aspects of any individual’s complete humanity.