Twerking Jack AR Filter

I’m pleased to announce the drop of my new #AR effect in celebration of #Halloween, “Twerking Jack (by @khadijat.vr)!” It’s a back-camera activated effect that places a dancing #JackSkellington (and an accompanying background video of a falling coffin, pumpkin and jack-o-lantern, and a flying bat) on whatever surface you desire, and is available for #Facebook and #Instagram. 💅🏿
I worked on this over the past week in #Blender and #sparkAR, and am incredibly proud of myself! I even took him to the cemetery so he fit right in (and made sure he was very respectful). 😂
Type “Twerking Jack” into the #effects search, and enjoy your very own handsome #twerking skeleton!

Twerking Jack AR Filter by Khadijat Yussuff