ÌṢERÉ, 2022

ÌṢERÉ, 2022
Yarn, electronics, wood, brass.

Completed a new (and much-improved) hand-#tufted and #arduino powered sound sculpture showing @oregoncontemporary with a slew of talented artists – courtesy of @home.school.pdx (and specifically, @mabreu91‘s hard work) from November 4 2022 – January 8 2023, in a group show entitled “i gently place my brain in cold rice”!

“Ìṣeré” is a Yorùbá word meaning “toy,” and I was once again inspired by traditional West African patterns and the bright colors you’d find at a school or daycare when creating this #instrument. Each two-toned rectangle is one note on an octave, and the pitch bender works on multiple notes if playing concurrently. It’s mounted in painted wood with gold brass corners.
While the intention is to use it to produce music with a DAW, its build as a MIDI controller means it can be mapped for use with other non-music related programs as well.
I’m really proud of the hardiness and functionality of this work, and grateful to have the opportunity to have folks play with it!