Spring / / F O R W A R D

F O R W A R D // RACHEL WONG styling & photography // Khadijat Yussuff Practice makes better. That’s been my modus operandi since January, and I’m very blessed to have enough stamina and clothes to capture as Read more
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Anyone who’s been following the blog or Instagram for the past year or so knows that my personal style leans towards the vibrant on the regular, and I’ve been itching to execute that aesthetic on a grander level.Three polkadot Read more
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W O R K // Wear

Every few months, I’ll inevitably have a concise back and forth with an acquaintance that goes thusly:

“Your closet doesn’t have any blouses or slacks.”

“Yes it does! They’re right this way!”

“Those aren’t work/job fair/interview appropriate. You’re gonna Read more

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Old Sport

Between a rather severe case of what I’m telling myself was the flu, a new obsession with both the Netflix Original Series “Peaky Blinders” and the show “Fashion Bloggers,” and preparing to return to academia in the upcoming semester, Read more
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