style & photo // Khadijat Yussuff
There’s a certain magic in revisiting the products of shoots long past, and finding a new way to imbue them with charm. So, I guess what I’m saying is that these pictures are hella late. I’m talking 6 months, two jobs, and one whole fashion week late. 
But no matter.
In May, Leah Weingartner, freelance model and universally adored belle, graciously agreed to let me style and photograph her in a look I scored for $4.50 at Goodwill. As we scuttled around PPG Plaza, me bending into a variety of ground-level contortions, and she allowing the breeze to tousle her awesome two-toned hair (no bad ombrés
here!), everything from her grace to her confidence to both intrigued me and left me feeling like I needed to step up my game in life. You know how it is. So I went home, promptly acquired the Lightroom program, and attempted to edit a couple of the day’s shots. Needless to say, I’d severely underestimated the learning curve (which isn’t steep at all, but to each her own), and my first few edits came out horrendously. 
Fast forward 6 months later. I’ve learned some new skills, and gained a bit more confidence. Working through this project again with fresh eyes (and fresh presets, am I right?), has allowed me to present work that I’m proud of, and thrilled to share with you all, 
This intelligent, gracious, and charming girl’s on her way straight to the top, so feel free to look at some of her work via her Instagram page, and pride yourself on being one of her first (couple thousand) fans!

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