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Between a rather severe case of what I’m telling myself was the flu, a new obsession with both the Netflix Original Series “Peaky Blinders” and the show “Fashion Bloggers,” and preparing to return to academia in the upcoming semester, I’ve neglected to share this shoot with you for well over a month; on the bright side of this impending Northern snowstorm, however, it’s now here for you viewing pleasure!

This look was a true summation of what I believe my personal style to be at this point in my life: whimsical, dramatic, thematic, and experimental. Layering textures seemed to add sophistication and cohesion to what could qualify as an ensemble so pointedly themed, it passes for costume. The fact that this particular look is conceptually multifaceted (tough kid rebel meets bourgeois luxury with a hint of feminine softness) and bursting with small accessory details provides me with an immense sense of pride in this particular shoot I’m sharing with you guys today.

Definitely looking for inspiration, both from other bloggers and from Instagram has really made me focus on pushing my personal style in order to rid myself of weirdly unproductive self-imposed limitations, such as “I can’t dress for winter, it’s just not me.” Dressing up has now become an exercise in positivity and patience, my own personal daily meditation. Finding comfort in a look held together by 6 safety pins and a spandex belt that may be a tad over the top for a coffee run has given me a new perspecitve on what it means to be materially and spiritually content. For that reason, I’m looking to 2015 as a big year for the blog’s tone and attitude, as well as an increased number of collabrative projects, and (fingers crossed!) more frequent posting. Thank you to everyone, old and new readers alike, for your patience and support for The Off-Beat Edit!

photos by: Kristin Vermilya
editing by: Khadijat Yussuff
more photos from this shoot

Forever 21Varsity Jacket

Amazon – Checkered Hat, Sporty Tee, Socks
eBay – Faux Fur CoatAnkle Boots, Hand Chain/Bracelet
Lime Crime Eyeliner in Lunar Sea – Eyes
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers in Black/Noir – Lips

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